Musical Gunslinger

guest artist / band fill-in

Do you have a band that needs some extra horsepower for a recording or special event?  Carl can fit right in on sax, guitar, keyboards or bass (or any combination thereof).  He knows a slew of songs and is a strong lead vocalist.  He knows what to play and what not to play.  Most importantly, he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Night Clubs and Bars

Although he can play low-key background music with the best of 'em if that's what the gig requires, Carl's normal show involves considerable interaction with the audience and yes, even dancing (the audience -- not Carl.  Carl doesn't dance unless a cowboy villain is shooting a Colt 45 at his feet).  The judicious use of backing tracks (on most of which Carl plays all the instruments) allows for a full band sound and energy without the full band expense.  This opens up a whole range of material a solo performer normally can't pull off.  Carl always matches the performance to the audience.  Need quiet acoustic guitar background music?  No problem.  Need him to wear a tux and play soft jazz on tenor sax in a luxury hotel?  No problem.  Need him to to play "Freebird" and "Stairway to Heaven" (complete with screaming guitar solos) in the same set while 100 rowdy drunks sing along?  No problem.  It's damn near impossible to get him out of his comfort zone.

Weddings and social events

It's easy to find someone to show up with a classical guitar to play Pachabel's Canon in D and Here Comes the Bride at your wedding.  What's hard is finding someone who can do that, then pick up a sax to play soft jazz during cocktail hour, then pick up a Fender Stratocaster and rock the reception with classic rock and dance music.  Carl can do all three -- all for about what you'd pay for a good professional DJ.

Jimmy Buffett Tribute

Whether it's fortunate coincidence or just the fact that he spends so much time soaked in rum on a sailboat, Carl sounds an AWFUL lot like Jimmy Buffett and knows dozens of his songs.  Sometimes the perfect theme for a Florida event is tropical and relaxed.  Hawaiin shirts, rum drinks and tropical music are the order of the day.  Carl THRIVES in this environment and can get everyone in the mood.  Depending on your budget and the size of your event, Carl can do the Jimmy Buffett tribute as a solo (with guitar and backing tracks), a duo (adding the stellar harmonica talents of award-winning harp player Charles Stansell), or with a full live band.