Carl featured on keyboards, guitar and vocals with Orlando Transit Authority

  • My Father's Son3:39
  • Where's John?5:35
  • Love is Still Out There Somewhere3:48
  • When the Lights Were On3:58
Carl on tenor sax playing with a few old friends at a jam session at Fish on Fire.
A short video clip of Carl on baritone saxophone with Bill's Mighty Band of Renown.
Carl on keyboards in a Roy Orbison Tribute Show
Carl featured on guitar, vocals, sax & keyboards with the Old School Band.




Musical Gunslinger

A short duo demo video with Carl on guitar, vocals and saxophone, and Keith Kobee on keyboards and vocals

Carl's Original Music

Carl featured on Vocals and Guitar in a Jimmy Buffett Tribute Show 
People often ask why I'm always playing on everybody else's records instead of making my own.  The answer is simple -- I don't ever seem to write original music unless something really, really bad happens.  It's my way of dealing with loss.  A few years ago I went through a rough stretch where I lost my best friend, my niece, my mother and my father, all in fairly rapid succession.  I wrote and recorded four songs.  It was writing and recording these songs that kept me sane and allowed me to channel my grief into something worthwhile.  I've got about half an album here.  Considering what it took to get these four songs out of me, I pray to God I never finish that album.  These are just rough mixes and I rarely even perform these songs, but each one creates an emotional snapshot, forever freezing in my mind the image of a person I loved dearly.

Video clips