Musical Gunslinger

about "Captain Carl" dirkes

"Captain Carl" isn't just a nickname. Carl actually is a licensed sea Captain.  When he's not on stage he can generally be found at the helm of his boat, s/v Gully Rooster, cruising the Caribbean and drinking rum.  That's kinda his thing.  He always brings his musical gear with him on the boat, though -- you never know where a gig's gonna turn up.

Carl grew up in Carmel, NY and Ft. Pierce, FL.  He graduated from Florida State University in 1986 with several degrees, ironically, none of which were in music.  He didn't really see the point of a music degree since he'd already been playing music professionally since age 15.  His travels have taken him through an incredibly diverse musical career which included symphony orchestras, cruise ships, jazz bands, country bands and rock bands.  For the past couple of years he's been doing mostly solo gigs, performing his eclectic variety show throughout Florida and The Bahamas.

Although music is Carl's first love, it is his second career.  He founded a successful software company in 1993.  In 2008, (and to nobody's surprise), Carl retired from day-to-day operations and hired someone else to run the company.  He now spends his time playing music, sailing his boat, and drinking rum -- all with equal enthusiasm.